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Judges Education - Breed Presentation
The Judges Responsibility

The judge plays a vital role in the survival of the Belgian Sheepdog as a functional herding dog with correct breed type. It is hoped that the quality of judging will insure that those dogs who most conform to the AKC standard will be selected in the show rings, and that those dogs who carry the prefix Champion will do so with honor to the standard, to the breeders, and to the exhibitors.

It is important that a judge know the breed beyond its standard, as standards are not capable of answering every question that may arise when evaluating a particular animal. An understanding of the history and purpose of the breed, as well as an eye for good breed type, should give the judge the confidence and courage to make correct selections in the ring.

This presentation was prepared to help judges develop a better understanding of good breed type in the Belgian Sheepdog.

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